List of filipina dating scammers pond of fish dating service

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Gratefully, Curious American One of the big problems here is the request for your money.I don't give any I just tell them they have family, cousins, etc. I've been told I am selfish then I just turn around and say you don't have rights to my money.Now I am not suggesting that your friend is on the up and up because I don't know her BUT this is what I observed from your initial comments: She has Skyped with you so you have seen her and met her family on Video, you know where she lives and the area WAS extensively damaged by this Super Typhoon, although the Filipino people can work "under the table" just like anywhere else.."IF" she is applying for a job and doing it the right way, there ARE requirements and ID's needed if she choses to work legally at some decent job and the proper papers and ID's do cost opinion..."IF" she were actually going to scam you out of any money, she probably would have already done it and for much more than US Dollars.It appears on the surface that she is telling you the truth or very close to it.Now, i have many reasons to believe she is an honest and simple person.I have Skyped with her a few times so i can obviously see she is who she says she is.

Tens of thousands of people trying to grab a few hundred available jobs is not a great outlook to have for these people. Rice Fields are contaminated with sea water..of these small Barangay's in and around Ormoc City were fishing villages along the coast and the fishing was obliterated and may take decades to rebuild!There are wonderful people here, and just like any other country there are criminals, drugs, corrupt politicians, police etc. Get to know the person, very well before you make any financial or long term relationship commitment. me, in applying a j0b here cost me 115 nbi clearance, p0lice clearance is 0nly 125, brgy is 50, i dnt believe that, maybe scammer u kn0w Here is what my wife much they should cost for someone living in the Ormoc City area, i would be grateful, it may help me make a sound decision. Barnum said it best, there's a sucker born every minute, and i don't wish to be one.Gratefully, Curious American These are a couple of good questions and being cautious with someone you have only met online is a good policy.There are some people on those so called dating sites that are only there for scamming..there are also some who are actually looking for a life partner.

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