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We don’t like to talk about sex openly, it is seen as crass and rude to do so, and there is an underlying attitude that sex is not something that one should be actively seeking.We see it as a dirty secret to be brushed under the carpet, something to be done on the quiet and to never be mentioned. Sex is a normal part of human existence There are lots of things that we need to survive as humans, and right now I am talking about the base fundimentals that literally sustain our existence: There are many people out there with a lot of different fetishes.With that in mind it gives me great pleasure to introduce our latest member, meet sexy Sophia.Sophia has joined for these reasons; she is currently single and...In fact, you know what, here’s a scale that you can use to help you define how much you want to sleep with a girl when you are in that situation: Here in the UK we are a little bit uptight about sex.The whole “no sex please we are British” thing is something of a joke, but the roots where it came from still seem to very much be in place.

When we have those experiences, we then go on to tell our friends about them, we relate the story of what happened, what we...

#5 | Have fun Having a fuck buddy is a great time to let lose, loose the stress, and have fun.

Let yourself enjoy the thrill of having a completely spontaneous hook up. No strings attached is about experimenting, being free, and trying new things that you might not normally do with a long term romantic partner.

Bottom line, if you’re friends with your fuck buddy, that’s cool, if not, that’s okay too. Let’s be honest, it might not be as fun, but you will certainly save yourself the headache of any complications in the future.

#4 | Don’t be a burden Make sure you have your own life together before you find a fuck buddy. Approaching casual sex requires a that you can approach relationships in a mature way and also be self sufficient and comfortable in your own skin.

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