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Just think how much better the world would be if we could all communicate this way." "Compassion, empathy and understanding," Nicole Pettipas wrote.

"As essential to good policing as kevlar and weapons." Currie says he's known the busker seen in the photo for nine years.

their lives, their families, and get to know their good days and bad days." Federal worker Bruno Baurin says he was so moved by the scene as he strolled past on Thursday that he stopped in his tracks and turned around to snap a photo.

"Here's a great image of two people from two different worlds ...

There were also some references to him as a panhandler in a May 27 story.The post has received over 1,000 reactions on Facebook and has been shared and retweeted hundreds of times - a surprising response to what community officer Const. "It's a little overwhelming that it happens for something that's just everyday," Currie said in an interview Friday."A big part of my job is to get to know everybody ...Lindsay Hernden said in an interview earlier this month that police have a close relationship with many of the panhandlers in the downtown area and know they are on the streets for a variety of reasons - from mental health and addiction problems to homelessness and the need to supplement their incomes.Start chatting with sexy Nova Scotia girls on webcam, one on one, free and no sign up ever needed at Chat Planet.

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