Mothers against daughters dating democrats

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In Most of what we know about this topic comes from psychologist E.

Mavis Hetherington's landmark study of 1,400 divorced families over a period of thirty years.

Andrea has been divorced for over two years and she often goes on shopping trips with her 16-year-old daughter Maggie.

While they both enjoy many aspects of these outings, Maggie admits that her mom may be living vicariously through her.

While no one has data about the exact gender break down, I can say that without a doubt some mothers do and have been victimized in this way.

I believe that part of why this is not talked about as much as fathers' experiences of parental alienation is that mothers who do lose their kids this way are overcome with shame and humiliation and tend to not want to go public with their story.

She writes, "At a time when there is so much societal pressure to stay young, this helps keep us feeling youthful.

In fact, the mother-daughter best friend idea doesn't leave room for the more traditional role of mom and could even lead to a competitive edge between them.

Another complicating factor is that many women's rights group denounce the existence of parental alienation, claiming that it is a fabricated problem designed to hurt mothers.

Thus, women seeking support and guidance from these groups may be given the message that they are mistaken and/or must stay silent.

While this has changed somewhat in recent years, many experts believe that we still have a long way to go.

After writing a book with my daughter Tracy, followed by a period of personal reflection, I set out to learn more about the mother-daughter relationship.

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