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Add "True","_Dur Secs" On Error Resume Next Dim sk(14, 1) Sk(0, 0) = "71" sk(0,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill71.txt" sk(1, 0) = "2" sk(1,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill2.txt" sk(2, 0) = "21" sk(2,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill21.txt" sk(3, 0) = "31" sk(3,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill31.txt" sk(4, 0) = "15" sk(4,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill15.txt" sk(5, 0) = "50" sk(5,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill50.txt" sk(6, 0) = "42" sk(6,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\Hskill42.txt" sk(7, 0) = "51" sk(7,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill51.txt" sk(8, 0) = "52" sk(8,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill52.txt" sk(9, 0) = "32" sk(9,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill32.txt" sk(10, 0) = "1" sk(10,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill1.txt" sk(11, 0) = "11" sk(11,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill11.txt" sk(12, 0) = "54" sk(12,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill54.txt" sk(13, 0) = "30" sk(13,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill30.txt" sk(14, 0) = "17" sk(14,1) = "C:\CMS Scripts\skill17.txt" for i = 1 to 15 cvs Srv. Auto Log Write "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1." Set Log = Nothing End If Else b = cvs Srv. Interactive Then Msg Box "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1.", vb Critical Or vb OKOnly, "Avaya CMS Supervisor" Else Set Log = Create Object("Log") Log. This will give you an idea on how to do reports other than the Agent Trace in my example below. So let's get started, start the Visual Basic editor from Excel then copy the code below in a new module, give the user name, password, date and agent name valid values and run it. You can open the .acsauto file with notepad and edit it, this script will save on the C: drive in a directory called C:\CMS Scripts, make sure you have it. Add "Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval","_Report" '## Parameters. Here the code to get the summary interval reports for 15 skills and save them in a text file in one script.

I'm making some progress with Access, but there are some slightly different behaviors I'm noticing. It has a restart in the menu which is kind of what I'm thinking, restart it, feed it the . The worksheet freezes when I do the following: Copy and Paste I cannot use the auto fill function to copy conditional formatting Drop down boxes Do I have to give up those features to use this function? But, can someone please help me modify this code so that I select only one column triggers the time stamp update? if i make any changes in column A, the date stamp is updated in the corresponding cell in column B.Basically, I am trying to narrow down to only one cell in the row, but it should work for any row in the sheet.I am hoping that there is an easy solution to this.I have tried searching for this and found a few related posts but I don't know how to modify the code to work for me and when I try to do it, it doesn't work. I would like column B to populate when I modify any field in the row with the date it is being modified. (autolink killer: 2007 AI attached array assign case cell chain changes code Code Name combos Count Count A Count Blank Count If Date database debugging Delete error F8 filter Find Format formula function header import input Box intersect link merge methods Move Msg Box multiple Name named nest Object Oz Password pivot range record reference rounding Save As Screen Updating Search Sheet sort Split Step times This Workbook total tracking unprotect Validation variable VLookup Worksheet) Hello, I am running into a few problems.

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