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They agree that I have paid but told me to either ring the 0-800 number or online chat with their technical people.

Mc Afee charged my credit card 269.96 dollars for computer security and did NOT provide and on 8-11-16, COULD NOT provide, but two Employees managed to shut down my computer - They, Richard and Richey ** confirmed my computer had been without Mc Aee for 638 days!It just seems odd that over 400 attempts to hack my computer occurred in a few hours. I've now had a pop-up saying that I have 15 days to pay.I contacted Mc Afee Customer Service and sent a copy of my receipt.It has cost the company more in downtime and installation time than the 17 licenses. It took three months to install the new purchased program, and several calls to customer service to get them to pro-rate my account to the time when service actually began.Ten months later, I was billed for the following year which I had not pre-approved.

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