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This site contains original and modified comics and illustrated stories of a transgendered nature!This site is definitely, positively for ADULTS only!If you are looking for medical alert systems, either for yourself or for an older adult such as a parent, this piece of research is for you.View: Medical Alert Systems Guide Unlock the potential of your smartphone or tablet to improve your life.I have missed meetings because I need alerts closer in real time.

If you have uses or needs that are not currently supported by the API, drop by the Dev Forum and let us know!

There were only 12 responses to the question about Getting around: 1. Might send text to children or to 911 out of bed app: both sensor for passive and active for self report: metrics: physical difficulty ( ordinal scale); pain assessment -scaled; emotional difficulty with modified use of emoticons. We tend to throw away the experience and skills of older adults to their detriment and to the detriment of society as well.

In addition built in storage for retro review on weekly and monthly basis: Usefulness and value are huge concerns for older adults in U. I have long wanted to find or create a kind of for skills and information, which could connect people with knowledge with the people who want to get that knowledge, from knitting to rocket science.

Often in a busy environment we are unable to spend 1:1 and large group setting only so much can be absorbed at times, though if there is an app available that the senior can access as a tool to ask same questions that they don't recall basic steps it's available.

This will help reduce take away time from staff and frustration of the seniors not feeling like the are being assisted. Most of my seniors just want to get to you tube, email, or skype. Able to have non medical staff get a video consult from an RN/MD to make determionations on visible skin conditions.

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