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We have ambassadors and other representatives in those countries, whose upkeep costs multi-millions of dollars each year.Anyway if there is a need to have face to-face discussions, we live in an age of modern technology.THE SME Bank, without giving figures, said it is affected with regard to the performance of its clients whom the bank has financed for tenders from government and local authorities, as government has been delaying payments to service providers.

People have a choice of who to associate with, but it is disheartening to enter places like Raith's Cafe, to name but one, and not be given any service.

Please put signs outside your places of business to avoid disappointment to black people. *** *** SMS Of The Day UNITED Kingdom firm ditches Presidents' daughters: What about the many other deals where you did not get ditched?

Setting up a company consisting of former and current Presidents' daughters is anyway suspect.

Despite being in a financial crisis, NSFAF still sees it fit to pay its board members outrageous fees and construct new premises in Eros!

*** *** LAND Reform through redistribution is supposed to be fair, and should return 70% of the land to its original inhabitants who were displaced, and 30% to the previously disadvantaged landless Namibians from all over the country.

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    Many country-loving singles aged 18-26 find love at their local branch of Young Farmers, an organisation with 25,000 members that arranges ski trips and dances for young country dwellers.

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    It was made possible because of great efforts of developers and new HTML5 innovations.

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