Obesity and dating

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Aerobic exercise can increase testosterone levels, but if you run, stick to sprinting and avoid extra long distance runs.

Otherwise, interval training increases testosterone levels, so try a program like Insanity.

So: higher testosterone (and lower cortisol) makes you healthier, more relaxed, socially dominant, attractive, and more likely to be a leader. The bad news is that obesity lowers testosterone levels, which in turn promotes obesity, creating a downward spiral that makes both losing weight and raising testosterone levels very difficult.

Many guys have been significantly overweight for years, and it is no surprise that it has turned them into socially frustrated and angry guys.

A spokesperson for online saving site Free Delivery uk, who commissoned the research, said: 'We were surprised that so many people were put off by how a person looked rather than whether they actually had anything in common with them or were fun to be around.1.

From 1980-2010, the number of obese American children aged 6-11 more than doubled, from 7% to 18%.

The obesity epidemic spreading across Western countries is having dangerous side effects for men, and they are both physical and social.

“Among girls who go though early puberty,” Varney writes, “there is an increased incidence of depression; alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse; riskier sexual adventures; teen pregnancy; and even suicide attempts.” Girls who get their periods earlier are “more likely to be sexually active sooner than girls the same age and are more likely to become pregnant and contract sexually transmitted diseases.” Varney also references a study that “found that women with early periods had an elevated risk for unwanted sexual touching and an even greater risk for forced sexual activity.” In the teen years, excess weight can also be an obstacle for a girl’s romantic development.

Losing weight and working out could seriously help your social success.

While I suggest any type of exercise that burns calories, if you focus on weight loss that helps raise your testosterone levels, your social (and physical) results will be magnified because it will address the low testosterone-obesity downward spiral.

She continued: 'Before I speak to a bloke I always look at what he's wearing, how well groomed he is, and whether he's the right weight.

No one wants to go out with a beer-bellied, overweight slob.

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