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My secret is I had to learn how to acquiesce to a certain number of things without feeling like I was giving up, or I was owed something for it, and that was a big transition for me to stop keeping a tally book of, "Okay, I did this for you, and now you'd better do this for me," or, "I gave up this and didn't do that, so you owe me something." Once I got over that -- which is really sort of a juvenile way of looking at life: "Who gets the bigger half," -- then everything just became as easy as can be, and we started doing things, I would say, close to 100 percent of the time to make the other person happy. (That's a Piers Morgan question, I love that question.) All the time. If I'm driving down the street and I happen to see a license plate, I'll repeat that license plate number in my head for minutes, and minutes, and minutes without realizing, "Oh, why am I doing that? Have you ever turned down a role that went to someone else that you regretted? I have not gotten roles by virtue of not having succeeded in the audition that went to people that became franchises, but once I saw who did them, I realized I couldn't have done it that way anyway.

Everybody I've been in love with, from my high school sweeties, to dating in college, I would say I was properly in love with all of them. I read for "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and obviously didn't get it.

The actress, who starred in Dallas for nine years in the Seventies and Eighties, is not expected to join castmates Larry Hagman, 80 , Patrick Duffy, 62 , and Linda Gray, 71 , in the TNT reboot of the hit show, which premieres in the summer.

Referring to plastic surgery, Victoria, who has written books on diet and exercise and also markets her own skin care and make-up lines, said: 'It’s sad when I see a woman who has done things to herself in an effort to look younger, and instead she looks some way she never looked before.

Through the whole first season, I don't think an episode goes by that Mama is not mentioned in reference to Southfork and the land.

I fully intend to keep doing it and keep a 42-year marriage percolating along.

We've never noticed the difference, to be quite honest.

I think everybody has their own secret, and there's not an actual formula. That's why I'm with my wife now for 42 years, but at the moment, I think love, as a verb, is proper all the time. I fall into repetition and routine, possibly too easily.

When I said to her I think they're going to ask me to come back on the show, her first response was you can only do that if the whole last season was a dream. We had great chemistry on the show and that just fell into place.

Then when I talked to Leonard, that was indeed what he wanted to do and so we went ahead and did it. It was the luckiest bit of casting, I think, that has occurred in a long time on television.

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