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Another study challenged the pay gap, noting that women often make more than men, and it’s only lower end jobs that tilt the averages, making it seem as if pay equality is askew. Blame it on desperate women who call them; live with them without marriage; take care of them, etc.Yet another shows college-age women are putting aside relationships and replacing them with “casual encounters” in order to focus on career instead of marriage. #realmentaketherisk” The responses, not surprisingly all from women over 40, came hard and swift. I’m so tired of men who don’t act like men, who are wishy washy, text instead of call, etc.! When they run up on one with standards, they think you’re crazy. Men need to grow up and treat women with respect and more women need to follow your lead! it’s about having a level of expectation and not accepting anything less!

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Today, he is regarded as one of the fastest rising comedians on the scene and is highly sought after for on-screen performances and interviews.You don't have to suffer alone - there is help out there, so please reach out. Yes, that seems obvious, but so many things get complicated as we age: family, financial and work responsibilities; relationships with friends and co-workers, and dating. It’s bad enough that the over-40 set often has to deal with divorce, children, the plight of the never-been-married, and other real and imagined baggage; but to make matters worse, dating in the new millennium is just, well, different.That someone may have been stripper and porn star Ginger Lee, who Weiner had been following until recently. The congressman initially said his Twitter account had been hacked, but later backed off, calling it "a prank." Before the scandal, Weiner warned "Extra" in 1996 about the perils of Internet dating."When people visit dating services, they're often looking for love in all the wrong places." Private Investigator John Nazarian told "Extra" there's a simple reason so many people are caught tweet cheating. You're out there blogging, tweeting, and the more high profile you are, I think the more you have to lose." For now, Cordova, a journalism student caught in the middle, simply wants to move on.

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