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Hes only doing this to survive, he will tell us over and over again, though Carrie is disgusted by him wanting to survive. True enough, the main crime committed by Prisoners of the Lost Universe is that it is constructed from 100% of Lackluster, which is unfortunate because it does have lots of swashbuckling, explosions, John Saxon being a majestic barbarian, Kay Lenz almost kind of not really getting naked, murder, attempted rape, and mad shenanigans.

After a bunch of lackluster adventures and lame swashbuckling, Dan, the Green Man, the Giant and some thief dude are on a mission to Free Carrie, Kill Kleel and make it back to Normal L. But gosh, Its been a while since Ive seen a movie with all that stuff, but where almost every single frame was built on a platform solid Lackluster. Plus, who are these guys to mess with Kleels kingdom.

Hartmann, Carrie, and a repairman named Dan (Richard Hatch), who inadvertently stumbled into the laboratory looking to use the phone, are transported to a mysterious world populated by cavemen, monsters, and warlords.

One warlord in particular, the mighty Kleel (John Saxon), takes a liking to Carrie, and, after shooting Dan, forces her to accompany him back to his village.

Terry Marcel co-writes and directs this low-budget sci-fi action feature. Hartmann (Kenneth Hendel)’s material transmitter, reporter Carrie Madison (Kay Lenz) and electrician Dan Roebuck (Richard Hatch) are transported by the device to the prehistoric world of Vonya where they encounter tribes of cavemen, giants and the evil warlord Kleel (John Saxon).

Unable to find the scientist, the pair are forced to try and devise their own way to get back home before they are trapped forever.

Good thing Dan had a roll of twine and a grappling hook in his belt. Also we meet Green Man (Ray Charleson) who will be providing valuable exposition for us about this planet Vanya.

Soon after this point Carrie and Dan figure now would be a good time to have sex.

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Next thing you know Dan show up at the house, because the doc needed some electrical assistance since we all know that alternate reality transporting devices uses untold gigajoules worth of energy, another tremor hits and now both Dan and Carrie are vaporized to the LOST UNIVERSE! Too bad he wasnt bright enough to help somebody off the cliff.Truth is, I couldn’t have picked a weirder movie to close out this 5-day mini-marathon.Ratings explained: All films are rated for audio and video these can be found in the specifications in product descriptions.Every title on the site is region free so no matter where in the world you live you should have no problems playing any of our discs.Your only requirement is a DVD player capable of receiving a PAL and NTSC signal, about 99% of European players have this facility, the rest of the world check the net for compatible players.

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