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A scaled-down data set of 173 Rubiaceae taxa was used with a Bayesian approach to estimate divergence times for clades classified as tribes and subfamilies.Four fossils were used as minimum age priors, one inside each subfamily and one for Rubiaceae as a whole (Faramea-type pollen, Scyphiphora pollen, Cephalanthus pusillus fruits, and Paleorubiaceophyllum eocenicum leaves).

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The typical phenomena, accompanying the downward trend in prevention, are the growth of problem behavior and the crisis of mass dropout. Current issues of preventing tobacco use in secondary school graduates [Elektronnyi resurs].

ABSTRACT: Pagamea spruceana, a new species from Northwestern Amazon, Brazil, is endemic to the Upper Rio Negro region, in the Içana and Uaupés River Basins, and differs from other functionally dioecious species of Pagamea by its capitate and puberu-lous inflorescences and narrowly elliptic leaf blades with revolute and puberulous margins.

Pagamea spruceana is the only species in the genus known from long-term inundated habitats (igapós) in the Amazon.

The estimated lineage divergence times for the tribes vary between 86.6 and 14.2 Ma.

Classification, relationships, geographical distribution, and age estimates are presented and discussed for all tribes.

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