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However, as is the case in English, Punjabi spellings are not fully standardized.Equivalent sounds which have been given in romanised script are only approximate since the Gurmukhi script has many sounds unfamiliar to the English speaker which often may not be exactly represented by the Roman alphabet. Every letter has a particular shape, particular name and it represent a particular sound.The second consonant is written under the first as a subscript.

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Some Punjabi words require consonants to be written in a conjunct form, which takes the shape of a subscript to the main letter.There are two main reasons for this, first their pronunciation is quite similar and second, they are used to differentiate borrowed words from other languages, the knowledge of which is decreasing in East Punjab.You may come across written texts in which writers have not used the dot.The upper zone denotes the region above the head line, where the vowels reside, while the middle zone represents the area below the head line where the consonants and some sub-parts of vowels are present. The lower zone represents the area below middle zone where some vowels and certain half-characters lie in the foot of consonants.It is quite possible to learn the characters of the Gurmukhi script and sounds of the language at the same time as, by and large, Punjabi is a phonetic language.

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