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Had I stated there was no chance I’d attend, the phone call probably would have abruptly ended much sooner. ”ME: “You mean Sanders would be more divisive than Hillary Clinton? Besides, I’ve been quoted in the New York Times they misspelled my name. ”So, this minor bickering goes on back and forth for about five more questions. She’s going to be busting my balls in the break room in about 45 minutes, complaining about the asshole she got stuck with who knew every fiber of the shit sandwich she’s trying to peddle like a tasty Reuben. Nevada has lots of Hispanics and you are push polling a question designed to scare Latinos about Sanders. Admit it.”INTERVIEWER: ME: “I could destroy any one of your arguments in just a couple of seconds…. Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign is resorting to one of the lowest, most reviled tactics of campaigning, the sludge known as the “push poll.” It’s clearly happening in Nevada, and probably other states, too.

It also worth noting that the interviewer was clearly reading straight from a script. The last bastion of hope I had this call might still be fair-handed and would address some of Clinton’s hangar of political baggage as big as the United Airlines counter at O’Hare Airport evaporated when her “questions” turned to how I planned to caucus in two weeks after hearing these biased narratives about the two candidates. ”INTERVIEWER: ME: “You are a disgrace to politics and to progressives. You are trying to frighten Latino voters and completely misrepresenting the Sanders’s voting record. What makes this so reprehensible is that many voters will not be able to discern truth from fiction.

So I picked up the call without looking at my caller ID. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was speaking with a national polling firm, a media outlet, one of the two political parties, or someone working directly on a campaign. I hadn’t paid attention much at the start of the call.

I’m not even sure the caller said her name or identified who she was working for.

Hundreds of thousands of phone calls were made asking “poll questions” about Mc Cain which amounted to a well-disguised political assassination.

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So, this call was probably coming from a polling and research firm that was hired by one of the campaigns.

In fact, as a possible Sanders’ supporter, I was probably their intended target. ”[Side Note: By the way, I almost began cursing — but decided against going that route.

They hoped to reach voters who were leaning to Sanders, then ask some pointed questions framed to raise doubt about the candidate, which might sway votes in the caucus — which is about two weeks away. I wanted to keep her on the line for as long as possible, in order to learn more about what was going on.]INTERVIEWER: Maybe I should have my supervisor call you back. Let me take down your phone number and have my supervisor call you.

We all say we hate “going negative.” Then, we eat it up.

No one gets out of a spirited political race with a bleached white suit.

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