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Below are some of those questions again that I and other Mentors I know typically ask in the "getting to know you" phase of a new mentoring relationship.

This time I've included some explicit reasoning behind each of these questions: Of course there are thousands of things to ask and talk about over the course of a mentoring relationship but the above 5 should be good to get you started on a productive, mutually beneficial journey.

And just when you think you have enough time to hit the restroom again, she strolls up to your table holding an Americano with two pumps of hazelnut in one hand – and years of experience in the other. Does your mentor have children, a favorite charity she supports, or an addiction to a particular Mediterranean cuisine?

Most people who ask for advice never take the time to build an authentic connection.

The framework is an amazingly simple-yet-powerful set of five critical questions. This question helps spotlight a core strength and the person’s ability to execute towards his/her goal. People also have a tendency to practice and repeat what they are already good at doing.

As venture capitalists and advisors, we spend significant time partnering with portfolio companies and very often find ourselves in a mentoring role. What are you doing really well that is helping you get there? What are you not doing well that is preventing you from getting there? What will you do differently tomorrow to meet those challenges? It is human nature to show off your best side and hide weaknesses.

When faced with getting to know strangers on dating websites, you are left with a minimal number of ways to accomplish this task.

You could ask for their social security number, birth certificate, and a blood sample. You could ask for an address from which to stalk them from afar, or simply come up with a couple of questions to find what you need to know within the first couple messages.

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This question will not only tell you about their goals and aspirations, it will hint at their priorities, values, and most importantly, their level of creativity.

I've discussed this broadly in an earlier post on how to start with a new mentee/protege.

In that post I listed some questions to ask but it was focused more on starting the overall relationship.

In other words, what they value the most, whether it is money (material objects), honesty, freedom, religion, vanity, relationships, or family. Lying to other members runs rampant on most dating websites.

They say love is all you need, but it is important to agree on where you’d like to hang your hat when it’s all said and done (or at least be willing to compromise). While you can’t expect people to be completely honest with this question, it can catch a lot of people off guard, prompting them to confess to a prior relationship or financial infidelity.

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