Recommended devotionals for dating couples

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This gives you time to really explore how you feel about the week, where you are spiritually, and where you'd like to be.I have another devotional which I didn't particularly care for because it does not include any guidance questions.But this book provides fairly common ground for a couple to engage each other, despite potential differences.The book dives head-first into some issues (within the parameters of its scope), while it merely visits the outskirts of others, such as grace, which I think could have been given a more full-orbed treatment.The devotions are also very short and not as time consuming.**Buy two books so that you can each write comments, underline, and do the devotionals alone, then you will have your thoughts handy on Saturday (or any day of your choosing) to discuss the week! This book will be very helpful for many, since much of it focuses more on spirituality and 'discipleship in the grind' (prayer, forgiveness, simplicity) than on theological issues (i.e., the "Calvinism" vs. There are, to be sure, theological assumptions made by the authors, but they tend to take a backseat, because the aim of the book is to facilitate discussion between you and your dating partner to provide opportunity for understanding and growth.I am a high-church Anglican, and my girlfriend is a Baptist - you can't be much farther apart on the spectrum!It served as a great conversation starter about spiritual things, which, if we're honest, can sometimes be difficult to talk about with our 'girlfriends'.

I would tend to agree strongly with the reviewer below that this book can be somewhat simplistic at times.

In "Devotions for Dating Couples" I love that guidance questions get us started, and then we continue the conversation into what we really enjoyed, learned, and how we can help each other.

When I bought this book, I really didn't know what I was buying... * The week is set up so that you can do one devotion each day for five days, and the sixth day has questions to ask and discuss.

The book was written from a simplistic, elementary and sometimes legalistic perspective.

We have been Christians for many many years and were hoping for more depth and were disappointed.

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