Risk updating bios

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For this reason, it's worth checking whether you really need to update your BIOS.

Read the release notes of the latest version (and each version back to the one currently installed) to see whether it will add the features you need or fix a problem you're having.

It is likely the membrane or conductive switches have worn out.

You buy a replacement keyboard to fix this problem.

Plus, you should note down the revision number – for example REV 1.03G as it may require a different BIOS file to previous revisions.

If you get the wrong bios you will brick the laptop and render it useless. Generally you only need to update the Bios for a laptop when: 1) The laptop has just come out on the market.

If you FOLLOW the instructions for updating the BIOS, bricking them is rather rare.

Biggest issues are: 1) Selecting the Wrong BIOS - Make sure it is FOR your specific model. If Not absolutely sure memory is error free, Download and run from a Bootable disk memtest86.

Your computer's BIOS - Basic Input/Output System - is a chip on the motherboard which contains enough information to allow it to start up before the main operating system begins to load.

Here's everything you need to know about how to update a PC BIOS, whether traditional or the newer UEFI standard.

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