Rrd files not updating

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Opsview uses performance data from individual plugins and stores this in RRD files for quick access for the interactive graphs to display.

The performance data updates are done asynchronously, which means that Nagios® Core continues processing results while the RRD files are being updated.

I recommend to use different community strings (i.e., passwords) for every single device!

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Check for I/O contention (maybe a backup is writing to disk at the same time).[Comment by Steve added here:] “These are scripts that add additional Targets either on a per-device or per-interface basis.For example, the correct host template will add Targets to monitor CPU, Memory, disk space, and so on at the same time as creating all the Interface targets.I will explain the adding procedure for various targets into MRTG in later posts.However, here comes a rough overview: The first step is always to activate SNMP on the appropriate device.

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