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When users would begin using this feature, they would be prompted to “create a secure connection between your smartphones.” However, it turns out that the connection was never actually secure.Last August, during the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas, a presenter hacked a We-Vibe vibrator.Guests can enjoy our exclusive adult sex vacation resort in complete privacy.Stay at our beach front resort and mingle with all our sexy girls.

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According to the lawsuit, manufacturer Standard Innovation, “fails to notify or warn customers that We-Connect monitors and records, in real time, how they use the device.We have sex stories featuring all types of categories, including first time virgin sex stories, lesbian sex stories, gay sex stories and regular hetero adult stories.We will be updating our free adult story database daily, so make sure to check back.Nor does defendant disclose that it transmits the collected private usage information to its servers in Canada.” The complaint alleges that the company’s data transmittal is a violation of federal wiretapping laws, as well as Illinois eavesdropping statutes, Mc Clatchy reports.They also noted that in general, the result of this data collection is a “wholesale disregard for consumer privacy rights.” According to the lawsuit, the company obtains information such as the “date and time of each use, the vibration intensity level selected by the user, (and) the vibration mode or pattern selected by the user.” Seeing as the app requires users to provide their email address upon registering, the complaint notes that they could easily “link the usage information to specific customer accounts.” The lawsuit was filed in September, and in October Standard Innovation made an effort to safeguard users by no longer requiring name, email, phone number, or other identifying information, to the use the app.

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