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The guard left his post for a substantial period of time, and Kemper noted he could probably kill the agent (true, and the agent admits it in the book) without anyone stopping him (probable) and not wind up serving any additional time for it (also true, he was never getting out).The FBI agent spent 30 minutes bluffing back and forth with Kemper that the FBI provided non-gun tools to their agents to use in such situations."Might be fifteen, twenty minutes before they come and get you." Though I felt I was maintaining a cool and collected posture, I'm sure I reacted to this infomation with somewhat more overt indications of panic, and Kemper responded to these."If I went in apeshit in here, you'd be in a lot of trouble, wouldn't you?And Charles Ng didn't look like anybody threatening. David Edward Maust, a serial rapist and murderer of young boys, was definitely scary looking. Whenever I'd read reports of people who knew him who thought he was just a nice normal guy, I'd think, "really? I'm not sure if Kemper bought it, or was just screwing with his FBI friend.....

While Scared's early material is best described as fast melodic punk rock, their later songs - in particular those on the New Songs 7" and the Demo Sessions CD - belong more in the alternative rock genre.

Others like to "get" victims close and choke them etc.

So you have to look "nice" in order to get people to go along with you.

The A-list Scared scared I’ve walked the jungle, Fought a lion with bare hands The prince of darkness, I’m a far better man! I get the shivers down my spine, Feel my body turning blue! ) The feeling is so frightening It’s driving me insane The one thing that i’m scared of is losing hold of you! The one thing that i’m scared of is losing hold of you!

I’ve crossed the desert, Never feared for my own Where lightning strikes-i'll always go!

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