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Take a wide arch and get behind the group, near the NIPTON HALL. Make sure to pick option 2 or 3, praising his methods to gain reputation with the LEGION.

We want to sneak- assassinate the MONGRELS and Soldiers first. He will give you the [COLD, COLD HEART] quest when he tells you what happened to the town, and to spread the word.

Giving him a [MED-X] and he will chat with you telling you what happened to the town, and starting the [BOOTED] quest.

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Those mines and grenades you just got will help, head towards the plane and you'll encounter a gaggle of radscorpions, including a GIANT RADSCORPION. My method was to fall back dropping the [FRAG MINES] in its path to weaken it some. A) If JACKLYN wins, she will say that THOMAS attacked her.

There is probably another heard of BIGHORN buffalo you can kill. Swing around and you'll approach the entrance to NIPTON. NIPTON ====================================== ) Near the entrance a nutty guy, OLIVER SWANICK will run up to you talking about winning the lottery. ) You'll enter the town on the far side of NIPTON HALL where the LEGION soldiers are.

You want to head to the right of the watertower and continue that way.

As you approach, you'll see the watertower up on the ridge.

) Continue south and you'll see the town of NIPTON.

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