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Title IX Coordinator (for students) Joanna Zimmermann, 281-476-1863 Title IX Coordinator (for employees) Sandra Ramirez, 281-991-2648 Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services 8060 Spencer Hwy.

San Jacinto College has resources such as the police, Counseling Services, and Human Resources.

Students have several options when reporting harassment, discrimination, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating, or stalking.

For more information about reporting any complaints, go to:

Psychological Abuse: Elements of psychological abuse include– but not limited to– causing fear by intimidation; threatening physical harm to self, partner, children, or partner’s family, friends, at school and/or work. Remember it may be difficult for your friend to talk about the abuse. If your friend breaks up with an abuser, continue to be supportive.

Stalking: Consistent behavior that is directed specifically at another person that causes that person to suffer substantial emotional distress or to fear for his or her personal safety or security. Your friend may feel sad or lonely and be tempted to return to the abuser.

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