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Instant messaging is one of the earliest created network-based collaboration tools and still stands as the basis for all of the others.

Pretty much every collaboration tool available on the market offers an instant messaging feature in addition to the voice, video, or screen sharing features they are most known for.

For safety reasons teens should set options in their account to only allow contacts from users on their buddy or messenger list (referred to as block or ignore people not on list).

They should also never allow files to be accepted on their computer to reduce potential virus threats from a friends computer.

The program handles all the communication and provides a window for the user to type and receive messages. Part of these offerings also includes Instant Messaging and Chat Room services.

Once logged into the web site a user can seamlessly maneuver through all application options.

The web site also keeps track of users activities in order to provide a personalized experience on future visits.

There are no verification efforts to make sure the person who creates an account is who they say they are.

It is more of a place for users to post their name and then wait for someone to have an Instant Message session with them which is also known as going private.Additionally, once a predator has a screen name written down he or she can send future Instant Messages to that person by simply opening the IM service, typing in the name and then typing a message.Many also send requests to be added to the potential victims buddy or contact list.This exchange can go back and forth as long as both parties desire.It provides a personal way of communicating with friends and other known contacts and is very popular among teenagers as well as many adults.

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