Shin dong wook dating

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I do not care about actor's/actress's personal issues because what we hear about maybe completely different with what really happened. He is one of the actor I really enjoy watching his dramas and movies. What ever happens, still loyal to you, Your fans are on your side! Sending this all the way from another world , CHEER UP LEE JIN WOOK! Love all his works and looking forward to more & more, support him as always, unconditionally! Extremely upset with the case happened to him, he has been proven innocent . Please show your sympathy and let's welcome him back with open arms . Wish you well always, Take care, God bless you always. I hope South Korean fans , producers, investors, etc will believe in LJW and his true talent to give him a second chance to shine .

Praise The Lord ! You will be stronger and stronger !We will be always praying for your happiness, Fighting! " You Yourself, As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love And Affection." " Forgiving Is The Attribute Of The Strong." " Each Today, Well-Lived, Makes Yesterday a Dream Of Happiness, We support you and always Believe in you Lee JIn Wook.. Excited to watch your new drama again soon with Ha Ji Won...

One Chinese actress does that too..once she was in a very emotional drama, she took a very long time to get back into herself.

Hopefully being a man, Jin-Wook can handle that better than her. eventhough it's only 5 or 7 minutes his scene with Han Hyo Joo.

You pushed yourself to give us the best....thank you..well and may you be more and more successful and popular in 2016. I was like OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER IN THAT FILM!!!

PD NIM PLEASE CAST THESE TWO TO ACT FILM OR TV DRAMA!! i have watched two dramas with him and I am highly impressed with his performance.

And would you please return back sooner?We will miss you everyday ! Black is so romantic,funny,naughty,gentleman,kind,strong,patient,loyal,protector and so loving.. My Chae Won unnie is so lucky to have a chance to be co-star beside you.. Black Swan Couple is a miracle @Christina, glad to see your reply,how is your father?Wish he has recovered well and stay healthy always ... Happy that you like Powerful Opponents :-) I love it too, I sometimes feel old Korean dramas have more moral and life value.

But fyi, this drama was popular last time , and I always like Lee Jin Wook's dramas no matter how old is it ;-) And yes,now I am waiting for Goodbye Mr. We are your true fans, Lee Jin Wook ssi...;-) Wish you good luck, take care and God bless! @Christina, you must watch Lee Jin Wook's drama Spy Myeong Wol, his character as CHOI RYU was so impressive and touched heart ;-) Also his old drama series Powerful Opponents was great too, but he acted as a rascal president's son there , but surely you would love his change of appearance much at the end of the story ;-) During these days so many rookie actor are appearing in these day i am falling with actor kwak si yang in we got marriage. Lee jin wook has the most cute and wonderful pupil among the korean actor. but after 14 episodes, I think its worthy of some of my tears :'( for Jin-Wook's sake....

Kim so yeon said his pupil is so cute and nice for an actor. @Christina, I noticed he can move his left ear too, and I like to see that:-D He can act very well, he can portray every characters very perfectly, me and mom are idolize him a lot ;-) Wish him good luck in his acting carreer and star more and more dramas, we love you , Lee Jin Wook ssi......!!^_- Continuously watched all Jin-Wook's 3 dramas starting from Nine: nine times time INR2 before that....totally fell for this actor's charisma.

Loved it every time you honest smile...hiding all kinds of emotions and sadness... I hope he will gain more fans and supports, FIGHTING JIN UK !!!

If u ever feel down, just read the comments of u'r fans so that you will feel at peace. Felt his loneliness, pain and angst - a very credible performance, Bravo. He is one of the talent out there , wish him coming back soon.

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