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As mentioned, fitness bootcamps are quite intense, medium to high impact workouts, so you need a strong, healthy body to be able to do all those exercises well.

Please, think twice before you enroll in a bootcamp if you have a bad heart, knees or back.

According to this website, you burn 588 calories per hour, more than you would with spinning, power yoga, walking or doing cardio power boxing, so it is clear that fitness bootcamps work.

All you need to find out is if they’re a good fit for you!

It’s a fast-pace workout, consisting of jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats and various other type moves.There, you will be introduced to the fitness regime properly, you’ll focus on it alone for a few days and if you join a singles fitness bootcamp, which we highly recommend, you’ll get to meet new people and get fit together.There’s research out there that says group fitness is much more effective than individual fitness.Nowadays, cruises have become one of the most popular travel trends with young people.Cruise ships are becoming spectacularly advanced, and people are quickly realizing that cruises make for great travel destinations.

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