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Keynes auditioned for the role of Edmund Pevensie in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the same time as he auditioned for the role of Simon Brown in Nanny Mc Phee, winning the former while losing the latter to Thomas Sangster.His voice changed, due to puberty, during the filming of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, He reprised his role as Edmund in Prince Caspian, released .The Hourani family were immigrants to Manchester from Marjeyoun in southern Lebanon.Cecil's two brothers were Albert, a major historian of the Middle East, and George, philosopher, historian, and classicist.Keynes told an interviewer, who praised him for becoming "an action hero," that he "felt so cheated because one of my very first action scenes was the very beginning of the battle when I run and I jump off a block and get on a horse as it's going by. I basically didn't manage to land on it but I managed to hold on and I was flung around and almost smacked into one of those stone columns.

" They also discussed his relationships with the other cast and crew members.Skandar Keynes looks on as costar Georgie Henley gets up close and personal with lion cub Aslan at the Smithsonian Zoo during their recent trip earlier this month in Washington, D. The 19-year-old actor recently revealed in an interview with the Inquirer about his first meeting with Georgie, now 15, and leaving acting behind for now.Check it: On his first meeting Georgie: “I met her in one of the first auditions I had. Georgie’s latest role is , produced by Camden Film Company. This film also stars Edward Bluemel, Ella Purnell, and Jordan Stephens. Fans can get the latest news on the film’s official Facebook and Twitter, and on IMDb. [aka Narnia 4] Thanks to The Mark Gordon Company, is in pre-production. Q: If/when Narnia 4 is made, will Skandar and Georgie appear in it? Georgie Henley Portal is an online portal for all things Georgie.

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