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Music Man Stan helps Katerina find ways to deal with her mad feelings – like taking a deep breath, counting to 4 – and then dancing and stomping and singing.Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children deal with their mad feelings.But then it rains, and Mom Tiger says they cannot play outside, making them very mad.Mom Tiger helps the boys with their mad feelings and find ways to calm down and think.The second way we can be helpful is by encouraging children to play about these events — both before and afterwards.Playing can give children a sense of control over scary feelings.” Daniel’s Babysitter Mom and Dad Tiger are going out for the evening, and Prince Tuesday comes to be Daniel’s babysitter.Daniel Goes to School Daniel joins his friends Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat, O the Owl and Miss Elaina at school, but doesn’t want his Dad to leave, until Dad Tiger reminds him that ‘grownups come back.’ Miss Elaina is missing her mom and has lost her special locket with her mom’s picture in it. Before long the school day is over and, just as promised, the grownups come back to take their children home.

We have to learn what to do with the mad that we feel.

Learning to control ourselves is a long, hard process. In fact, it is something we work on all through our lives.” Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play Friends Daniel and Katerina Kittycat are playing “house” today at school.

Prince Wednesday wants to play too, but he wants to be a loud dinosaur.

With Tigey and his homemade doctor book in hand, Daniel learns that it also helps to talk with Dr. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children deal with new experiences The strategy song of this episode is: “There are two ways that we can be helpful to children when they face something new and difficult. When children know ahead of time what’s going to happen — and not happen — they can prepare themselves for what’s coming.

They can think about it and get used to their feelings about it.

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