Svn is out of date try updating the sentinel dating

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You can fix the problem by running 'svn update' in the working copy. You might be genuinely out of date — that is, you're trying to commit a change to a file that has been changed by someone else since you last updated your copy of that file. I'm on a team that has an android project that is running into an SVN out of date error.When I try to commit the changes of the top directory of my project in Eclipse to its sourceforge subversion repository, I get this error: Merge conflict during commit svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: File or directory '.' is out of date; try updating svn: resource out of date; try updating.Checking on the internet I've found some articles that was mentioning the svn:ignore property of the directory as the cause of the problem.Is there a solution to the problem that is not dangerous for the integrity of the subversion repository? SVNs basic idea to avoid this to allow any kind of structural change only if the directories has the "latest" revision, so it is not "out of date". If you want more information on this please just google "svn tree conflict" or read the corrosponding part of the svn manual here: short forms: Subversion will never destroy any user modification.Well, now that is for some reasons a general rule in SVN: you cannot change (=commit) anything changed in a directory when the directory is not the latest revision. So, from time to time just press the update button and this will NOT overwrite your local changes like svn:ignore properties - and then commit!Added to the repository, committed, opened it and made a change so it read “hello world”, committed, and it works.6 - Removed the text file from the svn, moved it to a file inside of the android project, added to svn, committed, get out of date error 7 - The folder is not in the bin folder of the Android project, so I don't think the bin folder is causing a problem like it can sometimes do with repositories.

I made a change in Text Edit on the project after freshly checking it out from the repository, the same out of date error occurred when trying to commit the change via Smart SVN. SVN folder files did not fix the problem 3 - I changed a single file and then updated it recursively then tried committing it. 4 - Updating the same file non-recursively then committed it. 5 - Saved a text file in the top level of the directory outside of the android project folders that says “hi” on the inside.

We have tried updating the project at the file we are changing and at the head and the out of date error persists.

We have tried checking the project out on different computers and the error still occurs.

Actually svn:ignore turns out to be different (older) on the sourceforge repository.

But the proposed solution, to update the directory before commiting, does not work.

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