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The results pretty much speak the truth about my brain. Thanks for the test - it was fun, very comprehensive in terms of answers and explanations and looked basically accurate. I have taken several tests over the internet and yours was the most user friendly. It was especially helpful because I needed to get her professionally tested for a gifted and talented program at school, but I only wanted to do so if she did close enough on your test to the 130 that the school requires on a different test to make it worthwhile.She later took the Wechsler, and scored very close to what she scored on your test. Taking your test gave her the confidence to take the one at the psychologist's office.An IQ level indicates how one is positioned compared to the majority of individuals in a given age bracket.The test we offer was carefully prepared to evaluate the intelligence level of individuals.

In spite of this, however, our society focuses almost exclusively on academic intelligence. When is the last time someone said, "John has really high relationship intelligence.He has a skill for listening and understanding people.He must have a relationship IQ of 160." We focus so much on educational intelligence that we have neglected to teach people about critical elements that make relationships successful.It is time to talk about dating and relationship intelligence.It is time to teach people what makes relationships successful and what destroys them.

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