Talk to girls on camera

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I didnt want to get stuck 'babysitting' my 'little sister', but the thought of travelling 200 miles north and be stuck with my parents appealed even less, so I agreed.Anyway, this would give me plenty of time to catch up with my friends over Xbox Live !As they went into the living room, my sister came into my bedroom where I planned on hiding away for the night and asked if I could go and get the pizza and some alcohol.I was not concerned about going out the pizza shop was just up the road, and there was a newsagent that sold alcohol where I had been served before (even though I was under age, I looked older and had some fake ID to back me up).Before I knew it, it was 7pm and Sarahs friends were knocking on the door.First there was Bex, a really good looking girl with long dark hair and a great figure.

It is a long story, and involves many taboo subjects, so please do not read if easily offended (... ) 'Sister's Sleepover T or D' is part of a trilogy, and 'Sister's Sleepover - The Sequel' will be posted shortly.

My dads father had been taken seriously ill, and they needed to be by his side.

My sisters sleepover had been arranged for months, and was to be held on the night of her Birthday.

She and her mother leave town without telling anyone where they've gone.

The other girls have their babies, but they do not form a "community." Premiere magazine likened 17 Girls to The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola saying "same languid pop, same delicately grainy picture, same kind of heterogeneous female cast, same absence of boys, reduced to the roles of stooges".

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