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One of the men, later identified as Kennedy, reportedly grabbed the other man by the shirt and hit him four or five times in the back of the head with his fists, Magnuson said.

Officers attempted to break up the fight, but Kennedy continued to try and attack the man, prompting officers to try and restrain him, Magnuson said.

In the struggle, one of the officers and Kennedy fell back onto a snow bank. senator who was the younger brother of president John F. Conor Kennedy briefly dated Taylor Swift in 2012 when he was 18.

An unidentified bystander helped the officer roll Kennedy onto his stomach and restrain him, according to police reports. The New York Daily News says Kennedy was previously arrested in 2013 for a Keystone Pipeline protest at the White House.

Perhaps the next generation of Kennedys will turn out to be model spouses.

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and the late Mary Kennedy, Swift, 22, has been “swept off her feet.” They are taking long walks arm in arm in front of the paparazzi. With this, the chipmunk-cheeked actress and pop-music sensation joins the very deep ranks of women who’ve flirted with America’s royal family.The fact remains: Kennedys do not have the world’s best track record when it comes to women.Herewith, a few of history’s lessons for the girl who catches a Kennedy’s eye: Do: Have your own money.Many a successful former Kennedy girlfriend has survived the demise of her relationship and managed to channel the experience into literature. Rory Kennedy, Conor’s aunt, told ABC News that the singer, who has “read a ton of books about our family,” has already begun to commit her feelings to paper: “She was inspired and wrote a song.” This should be enough to scare the Kennedy family straight.Just ask Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, and all the other boys who’ve been the subject of multi-platinum pop ballads.

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