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Brinda finally got fucked by father in law in presence of two maids.

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Don’t take me wrong you are good looking, have a nice job, and also a good human being, but I can’t see a soulmate in you.” I just thought that I’m the biggest fool in the world who wasted my precious 2 years with a girl who don’t feel anything about me.

addictive_vivek: u thre reema ji addictive_vivek: helloooooooooooo BUZZ!!! Reema : ha bolo addictive_vivek: aap reema hain na Reema : ha how u kno wme addictive_vivek: we wre frnds sm yrs back addictive_vivek: n we did naughty chat too n i know u like it Reema : ok frankly abhee aad nahi aa rahe hai addictive_vivek: han no probs bt u do like naughty chat na Reema : ha addictive_vivek: tell more abt u aunty Reema : hum 35 years ke hai addictive_vivek: ok addictive_vivek: kahan se addictive_vivek: kitne bacche aunty Reema : pune se addictive_vivek: ok That was not a very good morning for me, I had broken up with my girlfriend last night, we were in a relationship for last 2 years, but last night suddenly she said, “I want to break up with you, as our relationship is not going anywhere, due to some reason; I don’t know what, but just something is missing in our relationship. We r together for 2 years but I can’t feel anything for you.

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