Thailand women dating Random 1 to 1 chat for sex

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When she does say yes she will most probably ask if she can bring some friends along or persons in her family.

You can now ask a few small personal questions such as how many people in her family, where she is from, where she went to school etc, but not too may at this stage.Thais love shopping malls so eating at a Pizza Hut for lunch or dinner is fine (not a Sizzler Steak House).Thais are very thrifty when it comes to spending money, they know how to get the most for the Thai Baht and she is looking to see if you are the same.This is kind of like a job interview in front of board members.Don't ask her family or friends any questions just let them ask you. Also if you talk too much to her friends or another female in the family everyone will think you are flirting with them, not a good idea. Another thing you will be tested in is how you spend your money. If you ask her where she wants to eat more than likely she will choose an expensive restaurant.

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