The bases of dating

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They come to our boat and then bring us to these milky-white plasma balls.They seem to want us to go there and so they lead us directly to it. It is unusual to tread water, see our heads above the surface and then look below and see no bodies!

It was significant to me because the dolphins had communicated to me in the past that they are in contact with extraterrestrials and they enter the underwater vehicles to communicate information about the oceans to the ETs.

Many of us on the Big Island have experienced large, transparent, sphere-shaped Balls of Light as big as a ballroom, while swimming among the dolphins.

These spheres are near the ocean's surface when we see them. We notice the dolphin pods of proximately 150 dolphins swimming close to shore.

Both conditions require completely self-contained systems aboard the vehicles.

Space beings who prefer to observe us and assist us unseen, would wisely use the ocean environment for their base.

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