The office andy dating erin

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When Robert California leaves the conference room to zero in on an employee, he picks Erin and asks her to describe her day and seems to "hypnotize her" as they talk.During episode "Here Comes Treble" Erin dresses like a puppy for Halloween but is concerned that people will mistake her for a dog, and not a puppy.In the episode Andy's Play , Andy tries to steal her back, but is interrupted she gets a call from Gabe and leaves Andy without saying a word, later attempting to get Michael to bond with Gabe, whose position above him makes Michael insecure, leading him to sabotage the party.After Erin confronts Michael over his hostile feelings for Gabe, Michael angrily questions why she needs his approval as he is not her father.Erin is silent and Michael has an insightful moment, realizing Erin admires him and views him as a father figure.

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Erin ruins Pam's painting and asks Kelly for help, after Creed distracts her.

Erin never knew her parents and was raised in a foster home with her foster brother Reed and other foster children. Erin brings cheer and enthusiasm to her job as receptionist, unlike Pam who at the time the series started had already become jaded and bored.

Erin is perhaps the only employee who enjoys Michael Scott's company, cheerfully indulging his every whim and quirk.

Even after Michael resigned as Regional Manager to become a salesman, Erin helped him arrange his toys on his desk, knowing that technically her job was to be Jim's assistant, not Michael's. After Kevin fails miserably as receptionist, Charles Miner hires Erin at Dunder Mifflin Scranton as the new receptionist ("Michael Scott Paper Company" Season 5 Episode 23). Initially, Dwight and Andy compete for her attention, but Dwight withdraws in acknowledgment of his new friendship with Andy.

To avoid confusion with Kelly Kapoor, she goes by her middle name Erin. For the remainder of the season, Andy flirts with Erin in his awkward way.

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