Tips for dating a rockstar

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Packed to the brim with playlists, pop quizzes, and other fun stuff, it's an anthropological guide to 10 types of musician dudes and what makes them tick.

(And trust us, Erin knows: She's dated a number of them.) A book that takes itself less seriously than the typical "will I ever find my soulmate?

A new book serves as a guide to indulging that rock star fantasy and dating a musician."What kind of boyfriend would Morrissey make? "Such important questions and more are what Erin Bradley (day job: Miss Information over at attempts to answer in her new book, .

Community Q&A There are loads of girls whose greatest dream is to date a musician, and most of them go about it the wrong way and end up either as one night stands or squealing fan girls.

People will hit on them after shows and you will usually be there watching it happen. Also your shoes will always be sticky now and I do not have a solution. They will go on tour and boom — now they are invisible. OK, I just need to say in all the caps in the world: This.

This guy goes to see every Judd Apatow movie the day it opens, Erin writes, not getting that he's watching a big-screen depiction of his personality flaws. If he could just grow the heck up, he'd be the perfect guy.

Evan, I’m one of those smart, career-oriented, busy women. Keyboard player and I ended up crashing with friends. We talked for hours, cooked extravagant meals, and slept on our respective cots… The analytical side of me says this feels too good to be true.

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