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Laya 'Philosophical Connections' compiled by Anthony Harrison-Barbet: Foreword to the online edition by Geoffrey Klempner'What Pragmatism Is' by Matt Kundert 'Composition as Epistemology' by P. Borkowski 'Nietzsche's On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano Call for Project Participants: from Maximiliano Korstanje'Significance of the Sense of Holiness' by Richard Schain 'Time for the Leviathan?

' by Martin Jenkins 'Some Remarks on the Nature of Philosophy (Part 2)' by Hubertus Fremerey 'Comment on Pouget' by Peter Raabe'Evaluative Judgement, Motivation and the Moral Standard' by Richard H.

Once an article is published, we are not normally willing to consider a request to remove it from the web, except under very special circumstances. ' by Nicole Note 'Worldviews and philosophical capital -- an exploratory introduction' by Tom Vanwing and Pieter Meurs 'Wittgenstein on 'The Realm of Ineffable'' by Manoranjan Mallick and Vikram S.

An issue of Philosophy Pathways usually contains three or four articles, one of which can (but need not be) written by yourself. ' by Wyle Tan 'Desensitization from a Gra(e)y Morality: A Rejoinder to Ole Martin Moen's Philosophical Review of 50 Shades of Grey' by Ivan Brian L.

We will also need a short bio for the Editor's Page. ' by Yissar Lior Israeli 'Limiting the Self -- Extended Cognition and Standing States' by Matthew Sims Edited by Mike Adams 'Aesthetic Intuition Apodicticity' by Wilson Hurst 'Purism: Meta-Politicized Concrescence and Critique' by Lorena Morales Aparicio 'Poly-Subjectivism at the Cosmic Dinner Table' by Mike Adams Edited by Richard Grego 'Beethoven the Philosopher: A Reflection' by Linda Brown Holt 'The Metaphysics of Bergson: A Critical Examination' by Ayodeji W.

right to publish the material by e-mail or on any of the Pathways to Philosophy or ISFP web sites. Adesoye 'The Ambiguity and Existentialism of Human Sexuality in The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by John Hansen 'Compatibilism, Physicalism, the Consequence Argument, and Criminal Responsibility in a Retributive Justice System' by Richard Grego Edited by Martin Jenkins 'Truth and Philosophy in Plato's Symposium' by D. Khashaba 'Metaphysics and the Foundation of Science: Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez 'The Meaning of the Earth: Nietzsche's Philosopher Creators' by Martin Jenkins Edited by Nicole Note 'Why 5 1 is not always 6' by Ignaas Devisch 'Jean-Luc Nancy, myth, ideology' by Pieter Meurs 'Ceci n'est pas la solidarite: On public mourning, identification and political solidarity' by Femke Kaulingfreks From the List Manager An evening with Wittgenstein Joad Exhibition CFP: Mind, Body and Self Edited by Pieter Meurs 'How to understand the sense of life?

The Chief Editor/ List Manager is responsible for appointing individual Editors who are suitably qualified to edit the issues of Philosophy Pathways which they have been assigned.

Each Editor selects articles that lie within their area of expertise on the basis of their academic quality.

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