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"Essentially, we've got one of these arcades again, but it doesn't cost us a nickel as long as we have a computer," he said."And they probably didn't have 6,000 available in these old arcades; there were probably a few dozen." But creating quality digital copies of cylinder recordings wasn't possible until recently, said Noah Pollaczek, a UCSB library audio technician.Some songs are rather risque; as they say, "This ain't your grandfather's Broadway." Very eclectic; a great way to explore newer musical theatre songs: by Thomas Edison in 1877, the phonograph was a device with a cylinder covered with a soft material such as tin foil, lead, or wax on which a stylus drew grooves --- The University of California at Santa Barbara has over 6,000 historic cylindars that you can now listen to free over online Cylindar Radio --- Bob Jensen's Archives of New Bookmarks --- Jensen's Tidbits Blog --- Bob Jensen's Updates on Fraud --- "Archaic Sounds Caress Modern Ears," by Rachel Metz, Wired News, March 20, 2006 --- tw=wn_index_5 For the time machine recordings go to A few mouse clicks give way to the jubilant sounds of Billy Murray singing "Alexander's Ragtime Band" or Ada Jones warbling "Whistle and I'll Wait for You." Some pieces, like "Negro Recollections," serve as reminders of America's deeply racist past.This version is compatible with computers running Windows 2003 and newer.The many links to music shown below for Jesse are broken, but she promises to one day bring her wonderful music links back to the Web.Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered politically incorrect.Consequently, the song was never released to the public.

Since the site went up in November, audiophiles have downloaded 700,000 recordings, much to Seubert's surprise.

In the past, technicians had to play the cylinders on phonographs, and cylinders running at different speeds each required a different phonograph.

Users wound them up, and a needle hit the cylinder's recorded grooves, amplifying the music through a horn.

Once users understand the basic principle, they can upload their own MP3s for free and let The Infinite Jukebox reorganize them into epic soundtracks for their working day. With this program, users can search over 12,000 radio stations, and even use a record button to save audio segments for later use.

The stations are categorized by style of programming, city, and language.

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