Updating a sar

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You might have to submit a new FAFSA with your correct Social Security Number.There are three ways to make a correction on your FAFSA: online, by mail, and by phone.When you submitted your FAFSA, you probably used estimates for income and tax information.You’ll need to update those estimates after filing federal income tax returns.

If you find a typo in your Social Security Number on the FAFSA, contact your college’s financial aid administrator for help.The existing formal process remains in place for significant and substantive updates, to include reviewing and updating the 16 pre-operational behavior categories in Part B.We understand your day-to-day challenges, this is why we want to try and make your business life easier.The update shall include the effects of: (1) All changes made in the ISFSI or MRS or procedures as described in the FSAR; (2) All safety analyses and evaluations performed by the licensee either in support of approved license amendments, or in support of conclusions that changes did not require a license amendment in accordance with § 72.48; (3) All final analyses and evaluations of the design and performance of structures, systems, and components that are important to safety taking into account any pertinent information developed during final design, construction, and preoperational testing; and (4) All analyses of new safety issues performed by or on behalf of the licensee at Commission request.The information shall be appropriately located within the updated FSAR.

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