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The Garmin engineers make improvements in the software all the time.

Most folks don't know it, but you can update the software in both your Garmin Astro Hand held and your collar to the most current version by logging into Garmin's website.

The drivers ready for updating is:347.88 released 17/03/15my driver version is 344.11.

Just make sure you are using the latest update agent, leave it for few hours, maybe overnight, if still searching, then install June update 3161664 and search again overnight. Unless I misunderstood what Microsoft has said about the services, then we're talking about dramatically different things.

Before you begin, you will need to go to Garmin's website and download their "Web Updater" software.

Once you have installed the software on your computer, updating the Astro 220 Handheld is pretty easy.

Are you aware that gwx was installed on your machine?

Automatic is faster but installs everything no matter if you need it or not. Just set it to check for updates but let me decide what to download and install. AIUI, the "automatic" is the invocation setting for the service. The service itself is set to "automatic"; That's a completely different thing than "automatically download and install updates". ) services have the invocation options: Automatic, delayed start Automatic Manual Disabled The automatic options simply mean that the service is started at system bootup; it doesn't say what it has to do once started.When running Webupdater, it will update the main unit software and then ask if you want to check for additional updates.The additional updates section is where GPS software updates are located, and we recommend you check for these updates when you update your handheld main unit software."Windows 7" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.One of the things that has been changing on a pretty regular basis is the Astro Software.

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