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For this, you will need to use Madden DB Editor (v3.0 doesn't seem to do this either though - so use a previous version). I make a quick check to see if all salaries and contract lengths are correct too within Madden. For some reason, the updated rosters will freeze up when trying to start a new franchise in 08. Basically, load the roster/franchise you want, find the PLAY (Players) database - load - then export to csv. BIN file back to the correct folder in SAVEPLAIN on your PSP. So the work-around is to use a new roster in Madden 12, start a franchise, save it, and bring it over to Madden 08. This is due to how PS3 calculates vs how the older Maddens calculate overall.Features: Franchises: Franchise saves are included because they can be more heavily updated without doing mods to your game. - - - Credits: B-Rad from Football Idiots, reeshmd23, Roger Jinx from Football Idiots, NZA Editor, Pack Fan0820 (DB Editor), Football-Freaks/Football Idiot forums, Operation Sports B-Rad's tutorial: I'll also continue to work on the tutorials on how to do it yourself.All of this would not be possible without some great, smart, folks at Operation Sports and Football Idiot forums who developed tools, tutorials, and data that has been used for PC that can be applied in similar fashion for PSP.On a side note, I'm also doing a similar project for NCAA Football on PSP (which also works on Vita and Playstation TV).

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If you experiment some issues, please read carefully all the posts in this thread starting from post #195 before trying anything else. You will need to cut down the draft class using a spreadsheet editor to the appropriate size. Roster Position Requirements Relaxation (template.dat) I was able to figure out how to change the mandatory number of players per team per position by editing a file called This lowers the required number of players at HB, T, G, DT, FS, SS and setting the minimum number of 40. Open up an ISO dump of your game, and navigate to usrdata/data folder. v=Mr Rly35DWNA Madden 12 Roster Features, Franchise Features, and more Video showing all the features as of 01/19/2016 Madden 08 Old Roster Demo Just a video showing Madden 08 QB depth charts. In the "new" save, copy the first 24 characters and replace the first 24 characters in the "old" save. Save the "old" save, and replace it in the SAVEPLAIN folder in your psp of the Madden you wish to transfer your franchise in (the new save location). https://mab.to/a I0dnhka E place in C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Madden NFL 08Tutoriallink to download Monday Night Football MODhttps://v=EZEDu6K4F8U[/color][/size] Madden 08 PC gaming room Ivan,keep in mind this roster is a beta version until after OTA's,the roster is subject to changemany times and many drafted may not make the team.The rosters end of 5016 I believe if you chose Save slot #1, 17 for #2, 18 for #3, etc. 1) Make a copy of the original roster to work off of. More info on how to read the database is available if you look for the Madden database definitions in Football Freaks Wikia. Info: The deemerh plugin creates the SAVEPLAIN folder and within the folder, an unencrypted copy of your save. 3) Now, open up your original Madden roster in NZA Editor, and export that file. Then replace the edited 08 franchise file back to your PSP. DB editor doesnt require you to rename the extension, as long as you make sure it opens all files.

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