Updating rpms

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) If there was ANYTHING we NEVER expected to see happen with this car (3830# - with driver and using a stock - but retuned - 350" port injected small block Chev Ram Jet 350 crate engine) was to see it lift a front tire off the ground on a run!

Basically at cold startup it shakes a lot and it hesitates to go, when it's warm it acts perfectly normal, except at stop lights when you can kind of 'feel' the misfires or something going on in the engine. the valve cleaning the dealer does is useless for carbon cleaning, they put solvent in the oil, gas and spray into the TB. below is my 2010 with 58,000 miles before and after a real carbon cleaning: Even detected one more cylinder misfiring, now #1 is doing it as well.

Anyone who believes that BIGGER IS BETTER has obviously NEVER experienced this header design error!

================== One comparison missing in the above chart is the area difference between 2 1/2" and 3" OD tubing. This means that, in a 3" exhaust system, the gas velocity is about 46% SLOWER than it would be in a 2 1/2" system.

Go to the Venturi Extension page.) We have also added a fact sheet discussing this "event"to our very informative Header Design Info Pak.) day, but changed to about 4,000' sometime between 10 and 11 AM eachday so weather was basically identical for both days.

In other words, weather CAN NOT be considered as a factor as to whythe car ran so much better with the "venturi" style collector extensions! If you are looking for completed headers, we are NOT making headers nor taking orders for headers at this time.

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