Validating your certificate could not be successfully completed

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is available for download from Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools ( This appendix describes how to save the example script as a text file and run the script by using Rpcping.exe, and provides an example of successful output and the example script syntax.

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- The aim of our domain validation process is to ensure that the individual requesting a certificate does, in fact, have authority to request a certificate for the domain in question.The first time an order is placed for a particular company or domain, there will always be an authorization email that gets sent out automatically to the email contacts listed in the whois record.If you have access to that email, you can follow the included instructions to approve that certificate in just a few seconds.------------------------------------------------------------ Prompting for second rpc ping command in the scripting file Enter the password for server: @echo off setlocal set _TARGETGATEWAY=%1 set _USERNAME=%2 set _DOMAINNAME=%3 if "%_TARGETGATEWAY%" == "" goto DO_USAGE if "%_USERNAME%" == "" goto DO_USAGE if "%_DOMAINNAME%" == "" goto DO_USAGE Echo ******************************************************************* Echo * The first RPCPing will authenticate to the RPC over HTTP Echo * Proxy service.If this ping fails, then the certificate Echo * on the client computer is not correctly configured, Echo * or you might have entered the wrong password.

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