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As I learned when I called Charlie recently to talk about his brother's tribute, his reputation as the Murphy family badass is not undeserved, extending to his use of marijuana before interviews.

We talked about that, his fighting growing up, his run-in with Mr. ERIC SPITZNAGEL: Maybe this shouldn't be surprising, but the stories you told about Eddie for One Night Only were kinda sweet.

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Eddie is the comic your parents like, and Charlie is the one who might cut you. I guess I was expecting something with a little more bite. I'd give them a hard time, and when it drove them crazy, that was funny to me. ES: How do you talk down somebody when they're coming at you with a knife? Universe I want to see him pose with keloids on his chest."ES: Keloids as in scars? "See how many shows you do after I carve your chest up. You may star in the next horror flick, but that's about it."ES: Did he respond? ES: Not so scared that you didn't threaten to disfigure him. And, of course, people were having sex everywhere, constantly." Is that hyperbole? ES: There was constant public sex happening all around you?

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