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No one though "Mutt" Lange would stray, least of all his wife of 15 years, Shania Twain.But stray he did, and in a shocking revelation, confessed that the woman he was leaving her for was none other than Shania's assistant and best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.Shania undoubtedly deserved a little revenge, although the relationship was made out of stronger stuff than spite, as the couple are now happily married.Pursuing relations with your friend's ex, whether romantic or friendly, is treacherous ground.The singer, who is an admitted beach bum, shared that if he had to die, he would probably like to die at the bottom of the ocean, most definitely a result of a shark attack.

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It's probably the most fun I've had shooting a video.

This is also why the singer considered his audience as a part of his “family.” In addition, fans could not help themselves but pull out their phones once the iconic singer stepped on stage.

His videos spread across social media with Snapchat being the crowd’s main app of choice.

"Yes, I'm still me, and yes, I'm a mother, and yes, I'm a singer and a songwriter," she said.

"And I can love again, and I have friends, and yes, I'm alive." Watch the video above!

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