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Anthony, all abolitionist stars in their own right. Not only were they recognized nationally for their abolitionist activities, but also for their outstanding contribution to achieving peace, freedom and equality in this country.

We explore the historical roots of Harriet Tubman, Susan B.

We can, however, help facilitate your choice of a bus company.

Based on your tour itinerary, we can also help answer questions regarding best arrival times at the Rochester International Airport, and what you may expect in the way of common security issues and practices, and how to navigate from the airport to your hotel. We can customize your itinerary to favor handicapped accessible locations, and give you preferential treatment to ease any physical limitation you may have.

Douglass and other agents knew the street and the river route. See Richardson’s barn and the Warrant Homestead; documented stops on the Underground Railroad. Our “Freedom Trail, East” tour begins with a visit to the New York home of Harriet Tubman.Hope Cemetery after the hardy crocus raises its head. You can check our “Tours” page, download our rack card, or e-mail us with your historical interest area.If you prefer the dependable warmth of bright sunshine, you can plan a summer tour. You can call us at (585) 482-5192, or visit if you are local or plan to be in the area prior to your tour date.Which would lead me to believe this is somewhere along Kinbu Road, perhaps on the site of the former Foreign Ministry (that burnt down in 2009? This would be fantastic if built, sadly, it's just a "design concept"... So I expect that there will be a lot of class A infrastructure springing up around. Hey folks, I'd hate to burst your bubble but this project is officially dead.Any Update please on the building and the project itself. I did some digging and found out that the architects don't even have a folder for it.

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